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  • Quynh Anh - Northern female voice
  • Diem My - Southern female voice
  • Mai Ngoc - Central female voice
  • Phương Trang - Chất lượng cao - Northern female voice
  • Thanh Tung - Northern male voice
  • Bao Quoc - Central male voice
  • Minh Quan - Southern male voice
  • Viet Trinh - Northern female voice
  • Le Yen - Southern female voice
  • Thuy Duyen - Southern female voice
  • Tien Quan - Northern male voice
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Natural intonations

By using world's most advanced technologies for natural language, voice processing, and deep learning, Viettel AI's speech synthesis system is extremely accurate and natural

Diverse voices

We are now supporting voices for news, story from different variants including: Northern voices (3 female and 2 male), Central voices (1 female, 1 male), Southern voices (3 female, 1 male)

Quick respond

With enormous server and parallel computing system, Viettel AI could quickly response to all customer requests at the same time

Use Cases

use for speech to text in case
Announcing system, IoT, Robotics

Support all announcing systems at the airport, train station, local radio station, hospital, smart homes, etc

Automated interpreter / customer service system

Support businesses with time and cost saving along with improving and developing the quality of products and services

News / Book Reader

Support automated reader on digital newspaper and online book library for visually impaired people and busy people while driving and commuting, etc