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Bot customizing platform using natural language processing

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An artificial intelligence system allows bots to communicate with customers and answer their questions using Natural Language Processing technology. Chatbot could understand customer desire and intent then analyze, interpret and respond to them based on the collected data


An extended version of chatbot that interacts with customers through voice. With the support of Speech Recognition technology from Viettel AI, Callbot is the perfect solution for the increasing demand, especially in Customer Service and Automatic Answering System (IVR)

Competitive advantages

Vietnamese language processing

Cyberbot Platform with the core technology of natural language processing on text and speech, provides highly accurate and the best Vietnamese Chatbot and Callbot solutions in the market.

Powerful tool

The Cyberbot Platform toolkit allows bots to determine the exact intent and demand that the customers desire. Consult and take care of the customers automatically 24/7 like a professional customer service staff

Contextual link

With the ability to outstandingly recognize and link context, Cyberbot Platform provides customers with great experiences and satisfaction like real human

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multiple channels

Easily integration to any platform such as Website, Messenger, Skype, Line, VoIP Call Center

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Statistical report

The overview analysis report helps you control the amount of conversation generated at each point in order to optimize the efficiency of marketing and sales through chatbot

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Data integration

Cyberbot Platform is an open-plan system enables interactions with enterprise's data sources to provide highly accurate and fastest updated information for customers

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Bulk messages

Support bulk messages at specific times or periodically to reach all potential customers efficiently and quickly.


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5 bots

1.000 messages per day

5 scripts per bot

5.000 entities


200.000 VND

10 bots

10.000 messages per day

10 scripts per bot

50.000 entities



Unlimited bots

Unlimited messages per day

Unlimited scripts per bot

Unlimited entities

* The above quotation is exclusive of 10% VAT

Clients with special requests please contact us directly for further discussion